D2.Finance Overview

D2 Finance is a Multi-Strategy Hedge Fund, 100% on-chain, 100% non-custodial D2.Finance captures the sophistication of a top-tier hedge fund into innovative vault architecture, on-chain.

Our project features a bespoke non-custodial smart contract vault, crafted with custom audited code (https://paladinsec.co/projects/d2 ), enabling user capital deposits during specifically timed funding epochs, while trading in a secondary market on Camelot as any token.

These epochs are tactically aligned with the current opportunity landscape, setting us apart from the typical offerings in the DeFi vault sector that often rely on static strategies. This dynamic approach positions us to stay ahead, effectively navigating the markets where static strategies, which are commonly offered by other DeFi vault protocols, may become less effective over time.

This capital is then actively managed and traded by our adept D2 trading team, which boasts extensive experience in multiple top-tier hedge funds, including pag.com. Following each trading epoch, users can withdraw their USDC deposits along with the corresponding profit or loss.

D2.Finance combines provable trading expertise from traditional finance with proprietary, institutional grade DeFi innovations. Code base has been built custom from scratch with emphasis on security and built in risk management.


Each of our options-based vaults employs a distinctive trading strategy, meticulously designed to take advantage of diverse market inefficiencies. This approach allows for exposure to varying levels of risk. Additionally, we're poised to offer customized solutions, such as a-la-carte beta (ETH exposure), coupled with absolute return strategies offered through SMA via our BVI-based entity https://artechnology.io/.

  • Users deploy funds into their preferred vault at the beginning of the epoch

  • The vault funds are actively managed by the trading team based on proven investment philosophy, process, and approach to risk-managed volatility trading built from years of provable hedge fund management

  • Each vault combines tailors quantitative signals from the hybrid trading engine as well as direct, real-time expert human judgement

  • Upon conclusion of epoch, users may withdraw or roll over funds into the next epoch

Institutional Focus and Interface:

D2 Finance aims to harness its existing and burgeoning institutional fund contacts to facilitate on-chain asset exposure.

VaultApp: Our public-facing interface for user fund management is set for a later release, considering our primary Product Market Fit (PMF) targets family offices and institutional contacts, particularly in Asia.

TraderApp (proprietary internal Order Management System): This serves as the trader interface for fund custody and active trading within the vault strategy framework securely. It embeds traditional hedge fund risk limit parameters within its smart contracts. While traders/pod can engage with compatible DeFi applications using the allocated capital, direct withdrawals are restricted.

Funds and Trading are fully transparent on-chain, allowing for verifiable risk challenges and reviews at all times.

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