Frequently Asked Questions

What is D2.Finance?

D2.Finance is a suite of options-based vaults designed to capitalize on market inefficiencies in the nascent DeFi industry. Composability is the cornerstone of DeFi, and by leveraging it in trading strategies, D2.Finance aims to achieve a market edge.

Strategies are selected by depositing USDC into a vault that aligns with the user’s investment goals. After depositing the capital, it is locked inside the vault for the designated epoch.

Why do I need D2 Vaults?

If you are happy to follow a simple long-only HODL strategy or are willing and able to design, risk-assess, and implement more complex strategies, then you don't need us.

Many people are unable or unwilling to take on the burden of running their investment strategies. D2.Finance gives users a simple interaction with the vaults (choose a strategy, deposit USDC into the vault, then redeem or roll over these USDC upon epoch completion) while handling all of the complexity for you.

How does D2 differ from other protocols (e.g., STFX)?

D2.Finance is a platform hosting vaults whose funds are actively managed by a team of professional traders. We differ from STFX in that we have a handpicked trading team who create and execute strategies D2 has determined to fit a balanced product offering. There is no “crowd-sourcing” element and no intra-protocol competition.

D2.Finance strategies are not yield farming, nor are they passive. It is not “fire and forget”.

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