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D2 Token will relaunch in January 2024. Two token model (Legacy)
The DSQ token is a governance token. Vault performance and token are aligned through "voluntary buy-backs".
# of Tokens
DSQ Total Supply
DSQ will be replaced by the D2 token in January 2024. D2 will have a 45,666,000 Tokens Max Supply and will be fully minted. 1 DSQ' value = 100 D2' value
esDSQ is a non-sellable and non-transferable receipt given in exchange for locking DSQ and as a platform reward. It remains locked for twelve months while the DSQ staked > esDSQ staked relationship is maintained, after which it can be redeemed for an equal number of DSQ tokens. esDSQ will be discontinued at the relaunch of the D2 token on January 2024. Existing vested esDSQ by at least 5 days will be simply rolled into vesting contracts with "D2" tokens on them. D2 Rangers The security model of Ethereum, which is premised on broad participant diversity deterring collusion in return for staking yields, is akin to our approach. Long-term holders who cement the narrative that fosters user trust will be aptly rewarded with extra yield. Every holder benefits from a voluntary buyback. However, DSQs bought back with fees won't just sit idle; 50% will be exclusively passed on to Rangers in appreciation for their services. Rangers, with their long-term holdings, provide a foundation of trust for new users exploring our vaults and later on will exercise voting power through the DAO. You can check how to become a Ranger here: https://d2finance.shinyapps.io/ranger/ Staking Staking will pause upon relaunch for 6 months, aligning with compliance needs and addressing potential regulations. This also accommodates concerns from significant potential contributors who may regard staking as unsound.
Staking, while traditionally seen as an accounting gimmick akin to dilution in traditional finance, can have behavioral merits in the early token lifecycle. However, D2 will launch with LIVE vaults generating Real Yield, negating the need for such incentives.
Following the transition from BWS Lab's stewardship, the DAO will decide on the potential reintroduction of staking.